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Sustainable Business Model

Finder is a successful privately owned oil and gas company based in West Perth, Australia.  The company was founded in 2004 by Jan Ostby and Odd Arne Larsen and has secured and operated a total of thirty petroleum Exploration and Production (“E&P”) Permits in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and the United Kingdom to date.  In addition, Finder historically operated three petroleum E&P Permits in Papua New Guinea on behalf of Chinampa Exploration Pty Ltd.

Finder creates value through leveraging relationships, data access and knowledge to capture and develop “high impact” oil and gas exploration acreage.  We are aggressive and decisive in our pursuit of opportunities and identify like-minded joint venture partners to help develop drillable prospects.

We aim to build our asset base/acreage portfolio and seek to establish revenue through:

1.    Acquisition of prospective acreage in line with Finder’s agreed acreage principles;
2.    Detailed assessment and risk mitigation of exploration acreage; and
3.    “Farmdown” (or equity dilution) of subsequent high graded acreage to others, while retaining upside through drilling.

Finder utilises its extensive seismic, well and geosciences data base to leverage our “in-depth” regional geologic knowledge to unlock new and/or previously overlooked play concepts (and/or sedimentary basins) to capture prospective acreage ahead of acquiring new seismic data and ultimately drilling.  This delivery and leveraging of new seismic data is either through new acquisition or reprocessing of existing data plus using “fit-for-purpose” high-end geophysical techniques to enable the appropriate risk mitigation across the suite of exploration prospects and leads.  Finder has a strategic alliance with Fugro to provide technical and/or financial support for selected Finder exploration opportunities. In return, Fugro receives a share of the profits earned from the projects in which it participates with Finder. Fugro works around the globe and creates value by acquiring and interpreting Earth and engineering data and provided associated consulting services to support its clients.

Summary of Activity

For more information on our North West Shelf assets please click here.

Senior Management

Shane Westlake – Chief Executive Officer

Shane Westlake – Chief Executive Officer

15 years experience as a petroleum geophysicist, seismic interpreter and prospect generator including 5 years as Area Coordinator for PGS Reservoir, setting up their Perth office.

Shane joined Finder in 2007 and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in late 2015.

Jan Ostby – Director-Owner

Jan Ostby – Director-Owner

30+ years of experience in the industry.

Founding partner of Seismic Australia, which was acquired by Fugro in 2000.

Founding Managing Director until late 2015.

Ryan Taylor-Walshe – Manager – Onshore

Ryan Taylor-Walshe – Manager – Onshore

21 years experience, predominately with Schlumberger seismic services (director of Schlumberger Australia from 2008-2013).

Expertise in seismic technologies, operations, & non-exclusive project development and governmental/ regulatory lobbying.

Ryan started with Finder in 2014.

Dariusz Jablonski – Principal Geoscience Advisor (Discover Geoscience)

Dariusz Jablonski – Principal Geoscience Advisor

20+ years experience as a petroleum geologist, seismic interpreter and team manager for Woodside in Australia/PNG, focusing on acreage assessment, risk analysis and play map generation.

Dariusz was Exploration Manager from 2006 until late 2015 when he moved to the New Ventures Manager role.

Aaron Bond – Manager – Geoscience

Aaron Bond – Manager – Geoscience

14 years of industry experience as a petroleum exploration geoscientist, including 9 years at ENI (Australia & Italy).

Aaron’s work has covered a wide range of exploration and operation roles covering Australia, East Timor and West Africa.

Aaron joined Finder in 2011.

David Martino – Legal Counsel

David Martino – Legal Counsel

30+ years legal experience and a former partner of leading Australian law firms.

David joined Finder in 2014.