AC/P 55 – Northern Browse / Ashmore Platform

Multiple play levels within a large Permit

Base Tertiary Visualisation of AC/P 55


Key Information

Operator: Finder No 13 Pty Ltd
~2,675 km²

Finder No 13 Pty Ltd (“Finder”, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finder Exploration Pty Ltd) was awarded Exploration Permit for Petroleum AC/P 55 on 4 May 2012 (which was gazetted as AC11-2 in the 2011 Commonwealth acreage release round).  The Permit is located within the Ashmore Platform of the southern Bonaparte / northern Browse Basin and is approximately 240 km northeast of Troughton Island and approximately 800 km west of Darwin off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

Finder has identified a number of leads in the Upper Cretaceous to Middle Jurassic and Triassic structural oil play in the east of the Permit, with some leads interpreted as having access to direct hydrocarbon charge from the Cartier Graben/Vulcan Sub-basin, eg the Bonza Lead.  Additionally, the northern extension of the Zeta Lead (an example of the Permian carbonate structural gas play) has been identified within the Permit.

A comparison of the previous 2D dataset and an artitrary line extracted from the new pSDM processing of the Quoll MC3D dataset (courtesy of Searcher Seismic) with the positive impact of 2D vs 3D mapping on the Bonza Prospect.