AC/P 56 – Northern Browse Basin / Southern Ashmore Platform

Highly Prospective – Multiple Plays

3D pSDM depth visualisation of the near top reservoir (JK) from the Tiffany MC3D showing the Omega prospect.


Key Information

Operator: Finder No 12 Pty Ltd
~2,845 km²

Exploration Permit AC/P 56 was awarded to Finder in July 2013. The Permit is located along the boundary of the Ashmore Platform in the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands and the highly prospective Browse Basin, approximately 240 km northeast of Troughton Island and approximately 800 km west of Darwin off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Significant identified prospectivity: the Omega prospect is a standout prospect with its depth crest in AC/P 56 which has interpreted DHI support in shallower Miocene clastics.
  • Omega – High reward opportunity: Jurassic clastics target with areal extent in excess of 100 km² with 340 metres closure height. Omega has an unrisked gas-in-place highside resource estimate of ~4 TCF or an unrisked oil-in-place highside resource estimate of ~140 mmbbls at ~2,700 metres sub-sea in 190 to 260 metres water depth;
  • Drill Ready: ~731 km² of multi-client pSDM 3D seismic data has confirmed the Omega prospect as the standout “drill-ready” prospect with low structural risk. No significant drilling issues (ie “Browse over-pressure”) are anticipated; and
  • Regional context: detailed geologic assessment based on a sequence stratigraphic framework and post well analyses provides rationale for charge, seal adequacy and reservoir for Omega ;

pSTM and pSDM dip line (with pSDM velocities) from the Tiffany multi-client 3Dseismic dataset showing the Omega Prospect (approximate line location shown in visualisation).