AC/P45 – Northern Browse Basin

Highly Prospective – Multiple Plays


Key Information

Operator: Finder No 11 Pty Ltd


Exploration Permit AC/P 45 was awarded to Finder in April 2008. The Permit is located along the boundary of the Ashmore Platform in the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands and the highly prospective Browse Basin, ~240km off the coast of north-western Australia. The area lies approximately 120km north of the giant Gorgonichthys-Brewster gas field. The Permit was renewed on 26 August 2014 for a further period of five years.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Significant identified prospectivity: over 10 structural prospects and strong leads identified within the Permits, most with multiple reservoir target levels. Zeta and Alpha are the two standout prospects with significant and material follow-up;
  • Zeta – High reward gas potential: Permian carbonate reef target with areal extent in excess of 370 km² with 1,100 metres closure height. Zeta has an unrisked gas-in-place highside resource estimate of ~8.9 TCF at ~3,800 metres sub-sea in 90 metres water depth – jack up drilling accessible;
  • Alpha – High reward oil potential: Triassic clastics target (Jabiru “look-a-like”) with areal extent in excess of 25 km² with 150 metres closure height. Alpha has an unrisked oil-in-place highside resource estimate of ~640 mmbbls at ~2,900 metres sub-sea in 100 metres water depth (ie jack-up water depths). With success at Alpha the Epsilon 3D supported opportunity presents a low risk follow-up target;
  • Drill Ready: ~864 km² of multi-client pSTM 3D seismic data has confirmed both Zeta and Alpha as “drill-ready” prospects with low structural risk. No significant “Browse over-pressure” is expected for either prospect; and
  • Regional context: detailed geologic assessment based on a sequence stratigraphic framework and post well analyses provides rationale for charge, seal adequacy and reservoir for both Zeta and Alpha.

Arbitrary line from 2015 Cartier pSTM volume (courtesy of Spectrum) showing Alpha Prospect and the tie to Delta-1 and the preliminary acoustic
impedance inversion of the same line showing interpreted sand bodies.

The Zeta prospect summary showing the Zeta prospect and the similarity with current day reefs systems.

The Permian Zeta gas prospect showing the similarity with current day reef systems.