WA-412-P – Northern Carnarvon Basin

10/09/2014 – Finder has been granted renewal of WA-412-P.

Highly Prospective – leveraging seismic data processing technologies to deliver material drill targets

3D pSDM visualisation of composite top reservoir, with line of section highlighted.


Key Information

Operator: 100% Finder No 9 Pty Ltd
~322 km²

Finder No 9 Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finder Exploration Pty Ltd (“Finder”), farmed into Exploration Permit for Petroleum WA-412-P on 16 August 2012. The Permit is located within the Northern Carnarvon Basin and is approximately 155 km north of the Dampier port on the northwest coast of Western Australia, and is immediately southwest of the Exploration Permit for Petroleum WA-418-P (35% Finder Exploration Pty Ltd equity). The Permit was renewed on 10 September 2014 for a further period of five years.

Opportunity Highlights

  • High reward: Kanga is an oil prospect with 220 mmbbls OOIP highside potential at ~3,170 metres subsea with no anticipated over pressure, 22 km west of the Exeter Oil Field;
  • Low risk:
    • Hydrocarbon Charge: early-mid Jurassic charge confirmed within the nearby oil fields. Kanga has similar direct access to a mature source rocks of early-mid Jurassic age within the central Victoria Syncline;
    • Structure: confirmed by new 3D pre-stack depth migrated (“pSDM”) seismic data, supported by regional isopachs;
    • Reservoir: 3D seismic inversion confirms mid-late Jurassic reservoirs; and
    • Seal: Muderong Shale and Forestier Claystone proven effective top seals;
  • Drill Ready: ~500 km² of multi-client pSDM 3D seismic data has confirmed Kanga as a “drill-ready” prospect (~25 km² areal extent with ~70 metre closure height); and
  • Regional context: geologic assessment ties Kanga to key wells in a sequence stratigraphic framework.

Arbitrary line from the reprocessed Judo pre-Stack Depth Migrated 3D seismic dataset – shows the Kanga Prospect both in depth and with reservoir presence.

Regional KA to KV isochron showing existing fields with associated isochron thinning and a similar thinning at the Kanga prospect.