WA-468-P – Northern Carnarvon Basin – Beagle Sub-basin

Highly prospective with new play concepts – untested by existing dry holes

Initial raw stack pSTM reprocessing of the Beagle Sub-basin 3D seismic survey (courtesy of
Spectrum Data) showing the Anderson and Gretzky Leads and possible indications of hydrocarbon


Key Information

Operator: Finder No 14 Pty Ltd
~4,865 km²

Finder No 14 Pty Ltd (“Finder”, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finder Exploration Pty Ltd) was awarded Exploration Permit for Petroleum WA-468-P on 4 May 2012 (which was gazetted as W10-7 in the 2010 Commonwealth acreage release round).  The Permit is located within the Beagle Sub-basin of the Northern Carnarvon Basin and is approximately 190 km offshore northwest of Port Headland and approximately 150 km north from Dampier.  Active petroleum systems are in evidence to the south of the Permit, for example the Mutineer/Exeter and Fletcher oil fields (southwest of the Permit) and the oil bearing sands in the Calypso Formation (at Nebo-1 drilled in 1993) to the immediate southeast.

Finder has identified three principal play levels within the structural play in the Permit, ie the

  • Eliassen Formation (Oxfordian);
  • Legendre Formation (Middle Jurassic); and
  • North Rankin (Lower Jurassic) and Mungaroo/Brigadier Formations (Lower Jurassic/Upper Triassic)

With overlying intraformational seals and postulated charge from both the large graben immediately north of the Permit and the Thouin Graben in the south.  The two previous wells within the Permit (Grey Rabbit-1 and Manaslu-1) were not optimal to test this new play concept.

JO (Oxfordian) depth map (m) showing the permit and the outline of the Beagle 3D seismic survey.