WA-500-P – Exmouth Plateau, Northern Carnarvon Basin

Numerous leads identified within the Permit, focus of 3D seismic data reprocessing

East-west seismic line from the Willem 3D seismic dataset showing Noblige discovery “look-a-like”
amplitude increase with offset within the Mungaroo Formation.


Key Information

Operator: Finder No 7 Pty Ltd
~2,180 km²

Finder No 7 Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finder Exploration Pty Ltd (“Finder”), was awarded Exploration Permit WA-500-P on 17 April 2014 (which was gazetted as W13-9 in the 2013 acreage release round). The Permit is located on the Exmouth Plateau of the northern Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia and is approximately 190 km northwest of Dampier on the Western Australian coastline. The giant Io/Jansz gas fields immediately south of the Permit.

Three Play-Concepts

  1. Cretaceous (Campanian basin floor fans);
  2. Jurassic (Oxfordian sandstone equivalent to Io/Jansz gas field reservoir); and
  3. Triassic (Mungaroo fluvio-deltaic sandstones analogous to Noblige gas discovery to the north west).

Map of the Urania North Prospect (Intra Mangaroo Formation level, ie same stratigraphic level as the Noblige Discovery) showing far offset amplitude conformance from the reprocessed DropBear MC3D seismic survey.