WA-520-P – Exmouth Sub-basin

1/09/2017 – Finder is pleased to announce that it has entered into a farmout agreement with Woodside Energy Ltd. Click here for further information.

Numerous leads identified within the Permit, focus of Permit wide new 3D seismic data acquisition and pSDM processing

Key Information

Operator: Woodside Energy Ltd
10% Finder No 10 Pty Ltd
90% Woodside Energy Ltd
~1,280 km²

Finder No 10 Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finder Exploration Pty Ltd (“Finder”) was awarded Exploration Permit WA-520-P on 21 September 2015 (which was gazetted as W14-17 in the 2014 Commonwealth acreage release round). The Permit straddles the boundary between the Exmouth Sub-basin and Exmouth Plateau of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia and is approximately 200 km west of the town of Dampier. The Permit contains the Zeepaard-1 Triassic gas discovery.

Early technical assessment has identified four play levels

• Cretaceous Upper to Lower Barrow Griffin look-alike 4-way dip oil targets >100 mmbbls;

• Tithonian oil (eg Enfield stratigraphic level);

• Jurassic (Oxfordian sandstone eg Io/Jansz gas field); &

• Triassic gas (Mungaroo sandstones cf Zola, Tallaganda & Ragnar discoveries)

Permit showing currently identified leads.